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Nintendo Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. MODEL: HXA-S-RAAAA (9318113992244) conNIgw_mario

tweet_button Nintendo Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. MODEL: HXA-S-RAAAA   (9318113992244) - GameDude Computers
Nintendo Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. MODEL: HXA-S-RAAAA   (9318113992244)
Key Features
  • Game & Watch Style Handheld System
  • Super Mario Bros. Pre-Installed
  • Full-Color LCD Screen
  • Digital Clock with 35 Animations
  • Integrated Control Pad and Buttons
  • Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels
  • Mario-Themed Game & Watch: Ball Game

Jump back into history with the Game & Watch Super Mario Bros. handheld system from Nintendo. Inspired by the original Game & Watch that came out in Japan in 1980, this handheld gaming system includes a full-color 2.36" LCD display, an integrated control pad, and two buttons. The original Super Mario Bros., which made its debut on the original NES gaming console in 1985, comes pre-installed, allowing you to jump over pits, stomp on Goombas, and enter warp pipes in Game & Watch style. Play solo or invite friends to join in two-player action. Other pre-installed games include Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, which was originally released as Super Mario Bros. 2 in Japan, and a special Game & Watch: Ball featuring Mario.

When you're done running through the Mushroom Kingdom, you can use the Game & Watch system as a digital clock. Up to 35 different animations featuring Mario, his friends, and foes may play as time passes in celebration of the Super Mario Bros.' 35th anniversary.

Game & Watch Console

Styled after the Japanese Game & Watch handheld gaming systems from the 1980s, this console includes a full-color LCD screen, an integrated control pad, and two gaming buttons. Its built-in lithium-ion battery is designed to last for up to 8 hours and recharges in about 3.5 hours using the included cable.

Super Mario Bros. Returns

Super Mario Bros. returns on the Game & Watch system, allowing you to run through the Mushroom Kingdom and stomp on Goombas the same way players did when the game was originally released in 1985 on the NES.

Fun Time

The Game & Watch system can be turned into a digital clock at the touch of a button. Up to 35 different animations will play as time passes featuring Mario, his allies, and foes.

More Games

Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels and a special Game & Watch: Ball game featuring Mario is also pre-installed on the system.

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