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60 Classic games VERTICAL GAMES Includes trackball games arcPCa60

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60 Classic games VERTICAL GAMES Includes trackball games

60 classic games All the old classics of the 80's, ready for play. Ready for location use in arcades and shop-fronts or put one in your corporate office or home games room for retro fun!

VERTICAL GAMES PCB, Requires monitor to be mounted in the vertical position
Units can be set to coin-operated mode, or freeplay via simple dipswitch settings.

Plug and play into any existing JAMMA arcade cabinet. Simple to use user interface to select games to play, with auto-cycling demos.

Can also be connected to VGA monitors or hi-res cabinets.

Some Games can use Trackball if fitted

Includes JAMMA connector, as well as CGA/VGA connector with 15KHz / 31KHz switch.

Games Include:
Ms Pacman, Galaga, Frogger, Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Junior,
Donkey Kong 3, Galaxian, Dig Dug, Crush Roller, Mr. Do,
Space Invaders, Pac Man, Galaga 3, Gyruss, Tank Battalion,
1942, Ladybug, Burger Time, Mappy, Centipede*,
Millipede*, Jr Pacman, Pengo, Phoenix, Time Pilot,
Super Cobra, Hustler, Space Panic, Super Breakout*, New Rally X,
Arkanoid*, Qix, Juno First, Xevious, Mr Do's Castle,
Moon Cresta, Pinball Action, Scramble, Super Pacman, Bomb Jack,
Shao-Lin's Road, King & Balloon, 1943, Van-Van Car, Pacman Plus,
Dig Dug 2, Amidar, Zaxxon, Pooyan, Pleiads,
Gun Smoke, The End, 1943 Kai, Congo Bongo, Jumping Jack