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C64 PLAnkton U17 PLA IC Replacement c64_plankton

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C64 PLAnkton U17 PLA IC Replacement
RRP: $35.00
Our price: $25.00 each

PLAnkton is the well known and popular substitute for the C64 PLA U17 part no. 906114-01 or 251064-01.

PLA replacement is fully compatible with ALL C64 motherboards using this type of PLA as well as all C64 cartridges and peripherals including PLA sensitive carts such as: FastLoad, Super Zaxxon, 1541 Ultimate I/II/II+ and consumes only 20mA - one fifth the power of an original Commodore PLA which means it will run very cool. It's equipped with slim gold plated pins that doesn't damage your original socket to ensure the highest reliability and longevity.
• TESTED SUCCESSFULLY AND FOUND TO BE 100% COMPATIBLE WITH THE C64 Reloaded BOARD! (Mk1 only, MK2 does not need the PLA)

Features and characteristics:
- Draws only 20mA - 1/5 the power of an original Commodore PLA, the same as a small green LED
- Produces no discernable heat
- Designed by qualified professionals using actual electrical engineering practices to produce electrical signals of EXACTLY the same voltages as a genuine Commodore PLA and speed within +/-2ns of accuracy
- Made using industry standard circuit boards, new parts and professional soldering and assembly methods - no basement tinkering techniques, prototype grade boards or surplus parts
- 100% compatible (actually tested) with ALL PAL & NTSC C64 mainboards 326298, KU-14194, 250407, 250425, SX-64, 250466 (NOT compatible with board 250469 - this board doesn't use a 28 pin PLA)
- 100% compatible with ALL C64 cartridges including Epyx FastLoad, 1541 Ultimate I, II & II+, Super Zaxxon, Easy Flash 1 and 3 (tested with these cartridges and many others)
- Gold plated pins for best reliability and longevity
- Each individual units fully tested before shipping