Item Code Item Image Price $ Status Order
cabUSBusb2_to_usb3 USB 2.0 9Pin (Case) Male to USB 3.0 20Pin (Motherboard) Housing Female Adapter Cable
$ 6.50
cabUSBusb3_to_usb2 USB 2.0 9Pin (Motherboard) Female to USB 3.0 20Pin (Case Housing) Male Adapter Cable
$ 6.50
cabAWusb3a_microb ANYWARE USB 3.0 Cable A-B Micro 2meter Model: UC-3002AUB
$ 9
cabASusb3_ab_micro_3m ASTROTEK USB 3.0 Cable A-B Micro 3meter Model: AT-USB3MICRO-AB-3 / UC-3003AUB
$ 15
cabASusb3_aa_3m ASTROTEK USB 3.0 Extension Cable A-A Male to Female 3meter Model: AT-USB3-AA-3M or 3003AAE
$ 9
cabTLtl_ac210 TP-LINK TL-AC210 Charge and Sync USB Cable LIGHTNING Connector iPad/iPhone/iPod Apple Authorization
$ 16
cabUSB1ab1 meter A-B connection USB CABLE
$ 6
cabUSB2ab2 meter A-B connection USB CABLE Anyware UC-2002AB Astrotek AT-USB-AB-2M
$ 5
cabUSB2ext2 meter EXTENSION Cable USB CABLE Male to Female UC-2002AAE / Astrotek AT-USB2-AA-1.8M
$ 5
cabUSB3ab3 meter A-B connection USB CABLE Astrotek AT-USB-AB-3M
$ 9
cabAWusb_aa_33 Meter USB Extension A-A Cable (Male to Female) Astrotek AT-USB2-AA-3M or UC-2003AAE
$ 9
cabUSB5ab5 meter A-B connection USB CABLE UC-2005AB
$ 9
cabASusb3_aa_1mUSB 3.0 Extension Cable A-A Male to Female 1meter Model: AT-USB3-AA-1M or UC-3001AAE
$ 9
cabAWusba_microbANYWARE USB A Male to Micro-USB B Male 1.8m Model: UC-2002AUB
$ 9
cabAWusb_ex5AnyWare USB EXTENSION M-F 5 Meters UC-2005AAE
$ 9
cabASusb3_ab_2mASTROTEK USB 3.0 Cable AB 2meter Model: AT-USB3-AB-2M
$ 9
cabASusb_serialASTROTEK USB to SERIAL Converter Model: AT-USB-SERIAL
$ 25
cabATusb_serialATEN USB to SERIAL Adaptor MODEL : UC-232A
$ 29
cabBRusb3_rearUSB 3.0 rear back plate
$ 10

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